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Toastmaster of the Day

The main duties of the Toastmaster are to coordinate and conduct the entire meeting, introduce participants, and act as a genial host. The Toastmaster sets the tone for the meeting. This task is generally reserved for members who are quite familiar with the club and its procedures.


Serving as Toastmaster is an excellent way to practice planning, preparation, organization, time management, facilitation, motivation, and team-building skills as you strive to make the meeting one of the club’s best.


  • Prior to the Meeting

    • Communicate with the vice president education for a list of members scheduled to speak or fulfill meeting roles and speaker profiles.

    • Confirm any special theme for the meeting and any program changes. ​

    • Prepare remarks to bridge the gaps between program sections.

    • Remember that serving as Toastmaster is one of the most valuable experiences in your club work. The assignment requires careful preparation to facilitate a well-run meeting.


  • Upon Arrival at the Meeting

    • Arrive early to complete any last-minute details.

    • Check with the speakers to address any last-minute changes.

    • Sit near the front of the room and ask that speakers do the same for quick and easy access to the lectern.


  • During the Meeting

    • Preside with sincerity, energy, enthusiasm, and decisiveness.

    • Strive to begin and end the meeting on time.

    • You may have to make adjustments to the schedule during the meeting to accomplish this task. Ensure each part of the meeting adheres to the established schedule.

    • Lead the applause before and after the Table Topics session, each prepared speech, and the General Evaluator’s remarks.

    • Introduce each speaker. After your introduction, remain near the lectern. Once the speaker takes their place, return to your seat.

    • Introduce the General Evaluator as you would any speaker. They are responsible for introducing other members of the evaluation team.

    • Introduce the Topicsmaster.

    • At the conclusion of the speaking portion of the program, request the timer’s report and call for votes.

    • While votes are tallied, invite the speech evaluators to deliver their reports.

    • Present awards in conjunction with the Club President. 

    • Adjourn the meeting.


From A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats

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